After our first day

We are at our refueling stop in Minot ND.  We left Chicago in the early afternoon yesterday and we traveled due north twards Wisconsin.  Unfortunately it got a little cloudy so the pics are not great(see gallery).  Things got very interesting when we reached the Dells.  This is a vacation  area for people in this area.  It is is hilly and wooded with small lakes.  Unfortunately when we reached the Mississippi it was getting dark.  This was the most interesting scenery.   Its North Dakota and Montana today and our first stop in East Glacier MT.  It is foggy now, hopefully it will clear up.

So far the ride has been great.  Our AMTRAK experience has been a little less than stellar.  We had dinner last night at 9:00 pm.  The food was pretty good and it did not take long to get used to eating while moving back and forth. Sleeping in a coach seat was a lot better than coach on a plane but not as good as business class.  Over all it is more comfortable than flying.

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