Hiking at Altitude

We are in South Lake Tahoe. A big change from the really small towns we have been staying in. They actually wanted $29 to park the car. We are only paaying $39 a day to rent the car. We had a great Mexican dinner last night that makes it worth while. We also have a washer dryer which Lisa is taking advantage of, I took advantage of the jacuzzi.

We spent the day today hiking to an alpine lake at 8,000 ft. In altitude. The 6 mile trail had an elevation gain of 1,259 feet. We had a nice lunch at the lake. I think we will be looking for a good pizza tonight. I will be updating the train pictures in the gallery tonight as well as adding a section for Lake Tahoe. I have also added a menu item Video. Usually there are a lot of opportunities for pics of the lake however that has not been the case yet this trip.

Big Meadow
Round Lake eleven 8,200 ft.

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